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Weight Loss: time to ditch the scales?

So I’m pretty sure there is still a lot of you who – focused on weight loss – weigh, some of you daily, on the same tile in the bathroom, at the same time, after the exact same routine….. I totally understand you’ve done it for years but really, it is now time to stop.

What’s The Real Target?

Let’s get things straight… You need to determine if you want ‘weight loss’ or if you want ‘fat loss’. These are two separate things.

If you literally just want to see the scales present a smaller number and don’t care about what’s actually going on, then please carry on. However, if you want to see your dress size drop, feel slimmer and look better, it is the fat loss that you’re after not necessarily weight loss.

Why weight loss on its own doesn’t matter…

Bob hops on the bathroom tile scales – he weighs 70kg
Bob drinks 2lt of water….
Bob hops back on the bathroom tile scales – he now weighs 72kg…..!
Bob now feels soooo annoyed at himself as he’s put weight on.

Bob drank water which has 0 calories. Bob could also be naturally carrying more water when he weighs himself some mornings. Weighing yourself really isn’t the way forwards as our weight does fluctuate on a daily basis, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve gone ‘off track’. Another thing to consider is why when we put muscle on, lose fat and look really good, do we end up getting riskier on the BMI chart? Because it’s not accurate and should stop being used as a measure of health.

A far better measure than weight loss

So please, get an old pair of jeans that are a bit tight and try them on. Be in a calorie deficit, eat plenty of protein and vegetables, lift weights if you can and keep active. Do that for 8 weeks and then try those jeans on again. They should be slightly less snug now.

Myth buster – muscle weighs more than fat, that’s why when you’re targeting weight loss, you don’t see the numbers on the scales change.
This isn’t true, a pound of muscle weighs exactly the same as a pound of fat. The difference is muscle is much denser. So, therefore, you look smaller and your dress size drops. You also feel much better because muscle contributes to motion whereas fat doesn’t.

Please message us if you need help, this is why we are here!

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