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How To Stop Binge Eating At Weekends

We’ve all been there. Be super ‘on track’ from Monday – Friday, get to Friday evening, put work clothes in the wash, pour a glass of your favourite tipple and then boom, once you start eating the tasty massively indulgent food, you can’t stop binge eating. Before you know it, its Monday morning and you’re putting on those (now tight) work clothes!

We completely get it, we’ve done it. Friday becomes the getaway to the rest of the weekend. Once you start the indulgence, you just can’t stop binge eating! It feels normal because most people do it, we use the food & drink as our method to escape without really accepting the consequences.

Self Sabotage – A Vicious Cycle

After a while of this, when you’re trying to change your body and get it to look the way you’ve been desperate for, it gets a little tedious. You do so well in the week and then mess it up at the weekend, back to square 1. Not only do you feel pants because those goals don’t get any closer, but you feel rubbish because of the lack of nutrients in the food you’ve eaten over the weekend. So you train harder and you under-eat even more throughout the week… it leads to an even bigger blowout because you’ve held back so much during the week.

Get Strategic To Stop Binge Eating

Here are some of the strategies we could all try to apply to our nutrition regime, to help the overeating at weekends:

  • Rather than trying to make your diet perfect, allow it to be “good enough” 7 days a week. This way when you mess up, it’s ok. You can have chips with your steak tonight because you worked out this morning and tomorrow you’ll have a nice salad for tea. This gives us leigh way with our plans and allows us to remain on track, therefore we don’t just throw it all away when we decide to have what we want.
  • Let the food rules subside – what, when, how and how much food we eat! When you have rules, it’s something you can break. When you break a rule, you feel disappointed in yourself and think screw it! You’ve abided to the rules all week, it’s now Saturday, you’re out with your friends and one of the rules are ‘no potatoes’, you end up having one of your friends chips, tastes so good so you get more. You’ve broken a rule, now you may as well break every rule ever made in your nutrition rule book! When the rules aren’t there you allow yourself to make the decisions.
  • Cheat days – happiest day of your week right? You wake up so happy on a cheat day, it’s like Christmas! As the day comes to an end you freak out as it’s almost over, so you eat more, you cram every last calorie into your body possible, as tomorrow isn’t cheat day. Maybe plan to have a dessert on a Tuesday night because you’ll have been to the gym that day or a cake in the office Friday when everyone else does. Allow yourself to have a little bit of what you like throughout the week and then try to moderate through the weekend as well.
  • Take ownership of the decisions you make. Ever had that feeling of guilt when you finished the tub of Ben and Jerry’s off? No one made you eat it, you chose to do it. These choices we need to accept as our own. “I know when I eat this, I’m going to feel sluggish and probably a bit ill, but currently I’m fine with it”. No decision is good or bad, it may just make you think the next time you go to eat the tub, to only have half!
  • Stop rationalising your reasons to consume such huge amounts of food! Reasons, excuses, whatever it is you want to call them. Yes we get it you were busy, you were tired and you had no food in the house. Did you really need an extra-large big mac? How could you of chosen better in that situation?

So if you’re in a predicament and can’t stop binge eating at the weekend, why not try to apply some of these and see what happens. You have the power to change the way you do things, it may just take some time and a few trial and errors!

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