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9 Tips To Get Over Morning Workout Blues

Here at On Form Fitness, we totally understand the pain that is felt in getting up early and getting that morning workout done. Here are some of the things that we do and would 100% recommend that you try.

1. Make It Easy To Get Out Of Bed
Set the alarm and make sure that it will actually get you out of bed. If you are a typical ‘snoozer’, set it the other side of the room so that you have to get up.

2. Get Everything Ready The Night Before
Get your kit and everything else that you need for a morning workout the night before. Sometimes we even lie our clothes out so we literally just have to put them on. The more organised you are, the easier this morning workout will be.

3. Visualise Yourself Enjoying The Workout
Sounds a bit random right? Let us speak though, your mind is so powerful, if you can have positive expectations, your session will be much easier and who knows…. You might enjoy it!

4. Fuel Up
Ok so not many of us can have a big breakfast and head straight out for a run. Why not have half a banana if you feel like you need it. Then you can promise yourself a lovely nutritious breakfast when you get home.

5. Have A Reason WHY!
Why are you waking up at 6am to go for a run? Oh yes, because you’ve got an event in 4 weeks and you want to look your absolute best!

6. Tunes….
Music is not everyone’s choice when it comes to working out but we feel it can be an amazing distraction and mind reliever. Get some tunes on the iPod and have the headphones ready (so you don’t have to find them in the morning)

7. Ease Yourself Into A Morning Workout Routine.
If you’re not used to getting up at that time, never mind getting up at that time AND working out. Why not give yourself a small workout and feel ace when you leave. Get those endorphins flowing!

8. Don’t Do It Alone…
Grab a buddy to come with you. It’s proven that we are much more likely to exercise when we have a friend joining us too.

9. Forgive Yourself If You Miss A Day
Perhaps you can fit it into your evening? Maybe your weekend? Or for this once, you’ll miss it. It’s no biggy in the long term scheme!

So there it is On Formers, some useful tips for getting you up in the morning. If you know of any other tips and tricks that you use, please let us know. You never know how useful it could be to someone else! Also if we can help at all, don’t hesitate to ask.

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