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7 Top Tips For Injury-Free Lifting

If you want to get the best results out of your weight training then you need to train smart not just hard. Take a look at the ‘7 Top Tips For Injury-Free Lifting’ compiled by the Shrewsbury personal trainer team at On Form Fitness:

  • 1. Static stretching last
    Static stretching creates instability at the joint, this will not help your strength-training. Rather than static stretching try opting for dynamic movements prior to a workout. Think squats, lunges, high-knees and other low-impact exercises to warm up your body before hitting the weights.
  • 2. Smarten up with exercise order
    Start with the big (compound) exercises and finish working with the small. In practical terms, focus on the large muscles first (think: chest, back, legs) — which means tricep dips should never come before squats.
  • 3. Sleep
    This one pops up everywhere! But it is true, 7-8 hours of sleep per night will help your body repair well and will keep you more alert all day. Try to give yourself an earlier bedtime if you’re struggling.
  • 4. Stay active on rest days
    Rest days are important, but rest doesn’t require a TV marathon sat on your bum. Try to incorporate something low-impact and low-intensity into your routine, like a bike ride, hike or leisurely walk.
  • 5. Eat more good fat
    Try to eat more omega-3’s, which you can find in foods like salmon, walnuts, spinach and flaxseed. These will help to manage your body’s inflammatory response, which means healthier joints and quicker recovery time.
  • 6. Make modification to suit you!
    We are all anatomically different, and we all have different health histories. So if an exercise doesn’t agree with your shoulders or knees, try something different or find a way to modify it.
  • 7. Don’t go too heavy too fast
    This is probably the most common mistake made in the gym. It’s important you remember your only competitor in fitness should be yourself. Don’t sacrifice form for weight, especially when staying healthy and injury-free is a priority.

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